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Giving design priority over everything else, Coboc offers what you’ve asked for – electric, lightweight, and truly sophisticated bikes for an unmatched urban cycling experience.

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Urwahn, the first bicycle company to make 3D-printing series production an everyday reality. All models are holistic, unique, and wholly manufactured in Germany.

VELLO’s brilliance lies in borrowing an effective technology from the car industry, specifically from Formula 1 racing, and transforming the bicycle – into an innovation that changes lives.

Hundreds of hours of design and engineering, all focused on those small details that make a gigantic difference. The result is a perfect combination of superior technologies and designs.

Carmela Logo Small

Fearless innovation plus creative design equals Carmela24 – a beautiful bionic bicycle, built by Carmela Bikes and rewarded with the 2018 Delta D’or Best Design Award by ADI-FAD.

Yuba Logo Small

An award-winning brand, created by a multi-talented engineering team, Yuba cargo bikes are powered by Bosch systems, offering unparalleled performance, stability and lightweight design.

Co-created by parents and engineers, Babboe offers the perfect family cargo bike. Each bike is designed to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride – for you and your kids. Expect stability, agility and ease of parking.

Kiffy Logo Small

From its unique design to its manufacturing and assembly, the Kiffy Tricycle is French in every way. Made in Saint-Etienne, each bike and e-bike is carefully handcrafted by local craftsmen.

XCYC Logo Small

Sturdy, mighty, and designed to meet every demand and road condition, all XCYC bikes and e-bikes are ideal for frequent individual or fleet use. Built to give you power over the elements.

Centaur Cargo Logo

With bikes designed to meet the modern-day mobility demands of businesses, the company thinks of every last detail to make sure each Centaur cargo bike is easy-to-use, reliable, and long-lasting.

Offering the latest of bike locks today, the original idea behind Seatylock was to have a lock that offered the best of all worlds, at the same time – high security, classy elegance, and plenty of comfort.

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About Bikelix

At Bikelix, it’s our vision to create an Eco-friendly boutique bike shop that inspires and encourages more and more urban people worldwide to get on better, more reliable bikes. To turn this vision into reality, from day 1, we decided we would bring our customers only those bikes we could recommend 100%.  Today, we only offer the best niche and quality bike brands and accessories that we own (or would own) ourselves, or that we would wholeheartedly recommend to our loved ones.

We believe in exploration and innovation in design, and in the power of technology. Additionally, we believe in high-performance, high-value bikes. So, we spend countless hours researching potential brands. On a regular basis we visit international bike fairs where we get to know and assess new bikes, and meet manufacturers in person. Over the years we’ve become very good at spotting top-notch build quality and engineering excellence. We make sure to check each added component, from the motor to the brakes, down to the pedals.

Our bikes are unique, be it the super comfort they offer, the exclusive luxury design, the high-end components, or their manufacturers’ socially and environmentally responsible ethos. Currently we offer the following brands; CobocDesiknioCarmela, VELLO, Urwahn, YubaXCYCCentaurKiffy, Babboe & Seatylock.

Our Eco-conscious brand selection provides a high-class variety of well-designed bikes that you can enjoy for many years. We think that our product range encompasses exactly what urban dwellers need – whether it’s a compact city bike or a versatile cargo bike for a family or a small business. We are constantly working to expand our product range, so keep coming back to our bike shop, read our bike blog or simply sign up to our mailing list!