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The perfect family cargo bike

Co-created by parents and engineers, Babboe offers the perfect family cargo bike to get you anywhere and meet the needs of your daily life.

Stable, agile, enjoyable

Each Babboe family cargo bike is designed to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride – for you and your little passengers. Expect stability, agility, and ease of parking.

A variety of models to choose from

Human and electric-powered two wheelers and three wheelers for the city, mountains, snow and more. Take up to 6 children or dogs with you and keep your family together.

Game changing accessories

Put your children’s safety first with the right accessories. Have peace of mind knowing that they’re protected from the sun and the rain.

Features, Benefits, Details

What you can expect from your cargo bike

A sturdy bike that will never let you down, that will thoroughly transform your daily life and become a part of the family. Your Babboe cargo bike:

  • is luxurious, stable, and elegant
  • is equipped with a handy parking brake for easy parking
  • comes with electric pedal assistance if you prefer
  • Max-E model is the perfect cargo bike for 6 children
  • Babboe Dog is made to carry multiple dogs


A group of young parents in the Netherlands came together with an engineering firm in 2005 to create the perfect family cargo bike – one that would seat all their kids plus fit their dogs, and make daily life much more fun.

The group set out to combine quality, affordability, convenience, safety, and fun. It took them two years to create the first Babboe model, the Babboe Big, which instantly conquered the Dutch streets and transformed the lives of many families.

Today, the company offers a wide range of different models, from sporty, agile two-wheelers to sturdy, super stable three-wheelers, with or without electric assistance.