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Carmela Bikes is a 2018 Delta D’or Award Winner

Fearless innovation plus creative design equals Carmela24 – a beautiful bionic bicycle, built by Carmela Bikes and rewarded with the 2018 Delta D’or Best Design Award by ADI-FAD.

Lightest, smartest, coolest

At an incredible 15 kilograms, Carmela24 is the lightest, smartest, coolest electric bicycle ever with a 24-inch wheel.

Simple yet clever functionality

Easily foldable handlebar and pedals, universal size, an intuitive interface, and bionic behaviour that helps you to ride even better.

Triple-certified, endlessly amazing

Carmela24 rides like a dream and will get you where you need to go in ergonomic comfort, perfect luxury, and peace of mind.

Features, Benefits, Details

What you can expect from your bike

A bionic bike that adapts to you as you ride, your Carmela bicycle is everything you could ask for and more. Your Carmela e-bike:

  • is bionic – its torque sensor analyses your speed and effort to be able to adapt to you, increasing or decreasing the level of help
  • is perfectly balanced with the engine in the front, not wearing out the transmission, also reducing maintenance costs
  • comes equipped with a 250W power engine
  • offers 24-inch wheels – more manoeuvrable than smaller ones and more stable than 26-inch
  • comes constructed with a handlebar that’s foldable with one hand as well as foldable pedals

Carmela Bikes

A diverse team of engineers from all walks of life, generations, and experiences came together to make a collective dream come true – designing a new, distinct electric bicycle developed and manufactured locally in Barcelona, Spain.

The dream came true through Carmela Bikes (by oh!bike factoria) located in the heart of Barcelona in the famous Eixample district, in a street with a bike lane that crosses the whole city.

Carmela Bikes first bike, Carmela24, has been so well received by the design community and so well loved by riders that in 2018 it received the Delta D’or Best Design Award of the Year, awarded by the prestigious ADI-FAD.