Bike Information for the Community

One of our goals is to inform our customers and website visitors not only on our products but also on urban cycling in general. We work to stay well up to date about the practice of urban biking across countries. For us it’s a way to promote ecological awareness, sustainable mobility, health, and seamless urban liveability, around the globe.

Helping people understand how urban cycling products and solutions can improve their lives is important for us. From detailed all-time articles that explore relevant topics, to timely and informative short posts, we strive to educate, enlighten, and engage our customers. And of course, all those who come to our website for bike information.

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What you can expect from this section

Our bike information page is designed to update and inspire you on the issues that matter most to urban cycling. We cover a broad range of topics to be able to provide a well-rounded picture. We undertake research, look up numbers and statistics, and read qualitative studies, and opinion pieces. All of this to be able to bring you the most targeted information.

On these pages, you’ll find links to articles and posts that we wrote, as we feel they can be beneficial to you. It’s our intention to help make you aware of the whys and hows of urban cycling. Additionally we want to give you extra knowledge in other relevant topics that should be of interest to you as a current or potential urban cyclist.

  • Our articles and posts can help you save time and money, prolong the life of your bike and ride safer. Also, we think it will lead to better bike and accessories purchasing decisions.
  • In addition to the information here, we also run a blog where you can read up about innovations, news and industry products.

We envision vibrant, active, well-educated urban cycling communities across the world’s cities. The information we have made available is our contribution to creating this green, healthy future.