Babboe Curve E


The Babboe Curve electric bike is a 3-wheel cargo with the highest quality standards at an affordable price. It is elegant with a luxury design and enough space for up to 4 kids.


Babboe Curve E

The Babboe Curve E electric bike is a contemporary 3-wheel cargo with the highest quality standards at an affordable price. An elegant three-wheeler with a beautiful luxury design with enough space for up to 4 children. A cargo bike that will impress. Always have the wind at your back thanks to the electric pedal assistance. Do you live in a mountainous area or do you regularly cycle up a large hill? Then we recommend the Babboe Curve Mountain with mid-engine.

  • Suitable for 1-4 children
  • Elegant and stable
  • Large box with rounded shapes
  • Luxury design
  • Electric pedal assistance with 8 modes
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Child friendly steps – Getting in and out with ease

With the child friendly steps on the sides of the box, your children can safely and easily step in and out of the cargo bike. In addition, the steps ensure the box drains properly.

Parking brake – Quick and easy parking

The Babboe Curve E is equipped with a special parking brake. This allows you to easily and quickly park the Babboe Curve E and prevents the cargo bike from slowly rolling away.

Steering dampers – A pleasant and safe ride

Steering dampers ensure that the Babboe Curve E continues straight on, even when you’re not steering. They prevent the handlebar from abruptly moving back and forth, and allow for a gradual and smooth movement. Moreover, steering dampers absorb bumps in the road.

The Babooe Curve E

Elegant cargo bike with a large box with soft, rounded shapes. Very stable cargo bike, won’t move when getting in or out. Luxury design, comes with handy extras such as strong tyres, steps with anti-slip strip and recessed lights. Special Maxi-Cosi holder available. Comes with specially developed brakes. Read more about Babboe.

Babboe Curve E

Technical Specifications
Assembled dimensions (lxwxh) 215 x 88,4 x 110 cm
Box dimensions (lxwh) +/- 82 x 63 x 55 (steering side) / 44 (front) cm
Rear carrier Yes, maximum load 20 kg. Is also the storage place of the battery.
Tyre sizeSchwalbe Big Apple 26 inch rear wheel, 20 inch front wheel.
Box load capacity 100 kg
Saddle load capacity100 kg
FrameExtra sturdy, anthracite-coloured frame with shockproof powder coating, treated on the inside to prevent rusting.
Frame measurement50
Colour frameAnthracite
Box materialEuropean beech wood, pressed in a curved shape for extra sturdiness and rounded corners for safety (no sharp points). The wooden box is PEFC-certified (European Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).
Anti-tip systemYes
Bench2 benches for 4 children
Belts4 three-point belts
Maxi-CosiSpecial Maxi-Cosi carrier available separately.
Handlebar Height adjustable, aluminium handlebars
BrakesFront: disc brake | Rear: disc brake
LockART approved ABUS ring lock
SpokesExtra sturdy spokes
RimsDouble walled front and rear rims of Weinmann
LightningLED lighting front and rear connected to the battery.
Saddle height Height adjustable saddle, suitable for people with a height between 1.57 and 1.98 m
GearsShimano 7 speed derailleur gear
Steering dampersEquipped with high-quality gas assisted steering dampers for optimum riding comfort and safety.
Kids stepYes, with multiple steps with anti-slip surface.
Electrical specifications
Action radius40-60 km (24-37 miles)
Battery32.85V 375Wh 11,4Ah
Battery locationBattery is attached under the luggage carrier.
Charging timeFrom completely empty to completely charged: 4-6 hours.
Motor36V 250W maintenance-free motor
Battery charger42,1V 2,08Ah

Bike info

Tested for safety and reliability

We know how important safety is, because we are parents ourselves.
The cargo bikes are therefore tested for safety and durability by the European test authorities SGS and / or TÜV.

Babboe service and warranty

The Babboe Curve E cargo bike comes with full warranty on parts. The warranty period differs depending on the part. Please refer to the warranty conditions for exact periods and conditions. See the warranty terms for the Babboe Curve E.

Delivery options

Ready to go: The electric cargo bikes are delivered assembled and ready to use.


  • Elegant cargo bike with a large box with soft, rounded forms
  • Luxury design, equipped with useful extras such as heavy-duty tires, anti-slip steps
  • Very stable, doesn’t move when stepping on or off
  • Easy to park with the special parking brake
  • Optional Maxi-Cosi carrier
  • The CURVE-E has electric pedal assistance with 8 modes and a modern LCD display
  • The CURVE MOUNTAIN has a powerful Yamaha mid-drive motor with torque sensor. And its provided with Enviolo (Nuvinci) stepless gearing

Suitable with the Babboe Curve E

Babboe Rear Carrier

The Babboe Rear Carrier is a great addition to your City, Mini, Curve or Mountain cargo bikes. Your cargo bike looks trendy and moreover you can install a child seat on it. The carrier is easily installed with the screws provided.

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Babboe Baby Seat

The Babboe Baby Seat is the ideal way to take your littlest one along with you in the cargo bike. It is made of water repellent and breathable material, making it easy to keep the baby seat dry.

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Babboe Maxi Cosi Carrier

The Babboe Maxi Cosi carrier from Steco has good suspension and is suitable for almost every type of Maxi Cosi. On the bench there is still enough space for two small children (up to 4 years).

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Babboe Cushion Set

The Babboe Cushion Set is not only cheerful, but your kids are also enjoying a highly comfortable ride. It is available for the following bikes; The Big, The City, The Mini, The Curve, The Flow, The Carve The Max and The Dog.

Blue Zebras
Spotty Dots
Sunny Silver
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Babboe Toddler Seat

The Babboe Toddler Seat is the ideal solution for transporting children between 8 and 18 months of age. The material is shock-absorbent, waterproof and has an insulating effect.

Dark Grey
Light Blue
Light Grey

Babboe Set of Poles

The Babboe Set of Poles is used for both the rain tent and the sunroof. The poles are necessary to fasten them on your cargo bike. It is available for the following bikes; The Big, The City & The Curve.

Babboe Baby Seat Body Support

The Babboe Baby Seat Body Support reduces the space in the baby seat, making the baby to lay in a more stable position. When using the body support, you can bring a baby from 3 months or older with you in the cargo bike.

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Babboe Little Kid Seat

The Babboe Little Kid Seat is ideal for transitioning from a toddler seat to simply sitting on the bench. It fits in every cargo bike variant. In the Big it is possible to have two seats or a seat and a baby seat.

Blue Zebras
Spotty Dots
Sunny Silver

AXA Chain Lock Linq

To prevent theft of your Babboe cargo bike, it is advisable to use the Axa Chain Lock Linq. You can choose from a standard size (110 cm) which weighs 3 kg or an extra long lock (160/180 cm) which weighs 4,5 kg.

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Babboe Rain Tent

The Babboe Rain Tent protects your children against rain and cold wind. It also offers protection against bright sunlight. This accessory is suitable for many Babboe bikes.

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Babboe Bike Mirror

The Babboe Bike Mirror on your handlebar allows you to better see the traffic coming up behind you. Are you also interested in other safety products? Checkout the Babboe Road Safety Package.

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Babboe Sunroof

The Babboe Sunroof makes a ride in your cargo bike even more fun. It also protects your kids from the sun. It is available for the following bikes; The Big, The City, The Curve and The Dog.

Babboe Rain Cover

The Babboe Rain Cover protects the box of your Babboe cargo bike against the elements. It also ensures that no rain or dirt penetrates into the box of your bike. It is available for the following bikes;  The Big, The City, The Curve, The Mini, The Flow & The Carve.

Babboe Road Safety Package

Small mistakes can have large consequences. With the Babboe Road Safety Package you’ll be well-prepared in case of an emergency. This bike safety package contains a bike mirror, reflective tape and an emergency hammer.

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Babboe Luxury Cargo Bike Cover

Protect your cargo bike from the elements with the Babboe Luxury Cargo Bike Cover. The material is similar to that used for car or motorbike covers and, due to its flexibility, it can be easily stored.

Babboe Baby Seat Head Support

Babboe Baby Seat Head Support is a useful and important item to add to the baby seat. When using the baby seat head support you can take your baby in the cargo bike as early as 2 months of age.

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Babboe Anti Slip Mat

The Babboe Anti Slip Mat gives your kids good traction when getting in and out of the cargo bike, in all weather conditions. The material of the mat consists of EVA, which is also used for extra traction on surfboards.

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Babboe Standard Cargo Bike Cover

The Babboe Standard Cargo Bike Cover is high quality protection to keep your bike clean and dry. It consists of a water-repellent material and a conveniently placed ring at the rear wheel makes it possible to put a chain lock through while covered.

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