Bike Warranty Policy

The bike warranty policy of each manufacturer varies, therefore we have compiled a comprehensive list here below:

Coboc Warranty Policy

Coboc stands for sustainable design, maximum functionality and best workmanship. Many parts of our products are produced inhouse, so continuous quality control throughout the whole manufacturing process is guaranteed. To guarantee many years of durability and lasting driving pleasure, the product’s use and maintenance should be in line with all conditions stipulated. These are outlined in the pages of this instruction manual and in the supplied instructions from the component manufacturers. The compliance is a prerequisite for the receipt of the warranty listed below.

Under EU law, the Coboc GmbH & Co. KG offers limited warranty of at least 24 months on material and manufacturing defects. This covers defects which already existed at the time of sale/change of ownership. In fact, if material defects occur within the first six months, the assumption is made that these already existed at the time of sale.

Furthermore, the Coboc GmbH & Co. KG assures complete functionality of the following components for the indicated periods of time :

  • Coboc – Frame – 5 years
  • Motor and Motor control – 2 years
  • battery pack (60% of rated capacity) – 2 years, max 1000 charge cycles
  • charger – 1 year

When warranties are implemented, the Coboc GmbH & Co. KG reserves the right to replace parts and components by different products of comparable quality.

All warranty and guarantee claims are start with the date of purchase or the delivery to the customer. The implementation of warranties by the Coboc GmbH & Co. KG does not extend or a re-start the warranty period. The warranty applies only to the original (first) owner presenting the original purchase receipt .

In order to exercise rights under this limited warranty, Customers must return the affected Product to Coboc (Heidelberg, Germany). Customers must pay the costs of return shipment.

Exclusions from Warranty

Excluded are damages caused by negligence (lack of care and maintenance) and normal wear occurring from the product’s intended purpose. Components in the motor and deceleration system as well as tires, tubes, spokes, chain, sprockets, ball bearings and contact points of the rider with the pedelec are all subject to use-related wear. Furthermore, the battery pack is a wearable part. Every battery with Li-ion technology is subject to an unstoppable chemical ageing process reducing the total capacity. Replacement batteries can be purchased at the Coboc GmbH & Co. KG or partners.

  • Defects by cleaning your bicycle with a high pressure cleaner
  • Impact damage, use in competitions, force majeure and other improper use.
  • Follow-up costs caused by defects.
  • Damage caused by improper repairs, the addition of components or by using non-original replacement parts.
  • Installation damage caused by components not delivered with the bike or by modifications.

Except as expressly set forth above, Coboc disclaims all other warranties, express or implied, including, without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Coboc‘s responsibility for warranty claims is limited to, at Coboc‘s sole discretion, reimbursement of the original purchase price or replacement of the product with the same or similar product. Notwithstanding anything in these terms to the contrary, Coboc shall not be responsible or held liable for punitive, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including without limitation, liability for loss of use, loss of profits, loss of Product or business interruption however the same may be caused, including fault or negligence of Coboc.

Coboc reserves the right to modify this limited warranty at any time, in its sole discretion.

Desiknio Warranty Policy

Login to to view information on your activities and your bike. You must use the same account created on the ebikemotion® APP on your smartphone. You can see the status of your e-bike, activities, reports, location, report a theft, change owners and consult online manuals.

Download the ebikemotion® APP to use your compatible smartphone as an advanced interface. Remember to download the maps from your telephone. You’ll have three months to download updates after your first download (maximum of 5 maps).

Connect the charger first to a power outlet and then to the charging port on the bicycle. The light on the iWoc® ONE will turn on automatically. While charging, the intensity of the LED will vary cyclically, indicating by color the current level of battery charge. The battery will be charged (>98%) when the LED remains lit in white.

Component Maintenance

The components of your eBike are associated with your frame number.If acomponentis replaced, it must be linked to your bike through a special system available at all technical service centers and shops authorized by your brand. Visit one of these points to complete the purchase and replacement operation. The components of your e-bike are designed to be used in poor weather conditions, such as rain and snow, and are protected against splashing, but not against immersion or pressurized water. It is important when transporting your eBike outside on a car or camper to properly protect the bike, or at least the most delicate electronic parts, such as the remote control, display and USB port, with a tarp. Keep the remote control free of dust and water. Never use pressurized water systems on the surface of the battery, motor, remote control, display or charging port.

Desiknio reserves the right to modify this limited warranty at any time, in its sole discretion.

Carmela Warranty Policy

All the products offered on the website are covered by a commercial warranty from their supplier. OH BIKE FACTORIA SL shall respond to the non-conformity of all the products offered on the website within a period of two years from the moment of delivery.

OH BIKE FACTORIA SL provides an after sales service, which the customer may make use of while the warranty is valid by visiting the facilities of OH BIKE FACTORIA SL and their after sales services, by sending an email to or at the points established by the provider themselves. In case of doubt you can contact the customer service helpline on 931187533 or send an email to

Carmela reserves the right to modify this limited warranty at any time, in its sole discretion.

Carmela Bikes Workshop 2 Bike Warranty Policy

Yuba Warranty Policy

Your Yuba Cargo Bike and Yuba Add-Ons come with a  two-year limited warranty. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Yuba extends a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects to the original owner of any Yuba manufactured product. This warranty does not extend to any part that is not directly manufactured by Yuba Bicycles, LLC and is nontransferable.
  • Yuba Bicycles will not be held liable for any repairs or changes made without our prior authorization, even those determined by the customer, the customer’s mechanic or authorized Yuba Dealer to result from a manufacturing defect.
  • In the event a manufacturing defect is identified, Yuba shall repair or replace, at its sole option, the bicycle frame or Yuba accessory.
  • The original owner shall pay all labor and shipping charges connected with the repair or replacement of the item being replaced.
  • All sales originating in the USA and shipping to HI, AK, or other countries are final. These sales are not eligible for return, exchange or warranty.
Filling a warranty claim:

Please contact us immediately regarding any problems with your bicycle or accessories. We will make every effort to resolve the issue quickly and to the benefit of all parties.

Warranty Claims may be submitted online via the warranty claim form.

Yuba reserves the right to modify this limited warranty at any time, in its sole discretion.

XCYC Warranty

Your PICKUP comes with the legally required warranty period of two years.

If your PICKUP should suffer any faults within this period, please contact the specialist bike retailer from whom you purchased your PICKUP.

For more details, please request a copy of the original instruction manual.

XCYC reserves the right to modify this limited warranty at any time, in its sole discretion.

Centaur Cargo Warranty Policy

Our warranty conditions apply to all Centaur Cargo products. The warranty conditions contain the warranty period and which parts are covered by the warranty, among others.

Article 1 – Warranty

1)  Centaur Cargo guarantees that all Centaur Cargo bikes are free of manufacturing and/or material defects, insofar the foregoing results from the conditions of this warranty.
2)  The warranty can only be invoked by the original owner of the relevant Centaur Cargo bike. 3)  The warranty expires in accordance with the provisions in Articles 3.1 and 5.1.
4)  The warranty is not transferable.
5)  The warranty period commences on the day of delivery after agreement and receipt of delivery.

Article 2 – Warranty period

1)  The Centaur Cargo bike frames are covered by a 3-year warranty against manufacturing and/or material defects.
2)  The box and box panels are covered by a 1-year warranty against manufacturing and/or material defects.
3)  All electrical components are covered by a 1-year warranty against manufacturing and/or material defects.
4)  All other parts, with the exception of the parts mentioned in Article 2.7, are covered by a 1-year warranty against manufacturing and/or material defects.
5)  Parts subject to wear, such as tires, chain, chain rings, cables, brake pads, are not covered by this warranty, unless there is a manufacturing and/or material defect.
6)  Loss of color for the box and/or box parts is not covered by the warranty and can occur through daily use and/or external factors such as UV rays, moisture and heat.
7)  Centaur Cargo bike show models are covered by 50% of above mentioned warranty periods.

Article 3 – Warranty Exclusions

1) The warranty will become void in the following cases:
·  The Centaur Cargo bike did not undergo a first service after 10-12 weeks or 100 km after delivery (proof through invoice/receipt).
·  The Centaur Cargo bike did not undergo a yearly service after the first service check (proof through invoice/receipt).
·  Defects are due to improper assembly, i.e. assembly not in line with the assembly instructions included with your bike, or the instructions on the website.
·  Incorrect and/or careless use of the Centaur Cargo bike, not in accordance with its intended purpose, among others:
a)  Riding the bike on or off the kerb with a full load;
b)  Riding up against kerbs;
c)  Riding a three-wheeler on two wheels.
·  Technical repairs that are not carried out professionally.
·  Parts installed at a later date do not correspond with the technical specifications of the relevant cargo bike or are installed incorrectly.
·  Proof of ownership cannot be shown.
·  When the box load is higher than the maximum load capacity mentioned on the website
·  When the saddle load is more than 100 kg.
·  When the rear carrier load is more than 25 kg.
·  In case of damage resulting from an accident or other external calamity.

2) Furthermore, Centaur Cargo’s liability expressly excludes damage to (parts of) the Centaur Cargo bike as a result of:
·  Incorrect adjustment of/tension on the handlebar, stem, saddle, seat post, derailleur set, brakes, gears and/or parts that become loose, adjusting wheels and spokes during use, and spoke breakage. ·  Not replacing parts in a timely manner, such as brake/derailleur cables, brake pads, tires, chain and sprockets;
·  Climatic influences such as normal weathering of paint or rusting of chrome.
·  Climatic influences such as discoloration of the box or paint.
·  Cargo bikes that are used as rentals.

3) Prints on the box are excluded from warranty conditions.

Article 4 – Labor costs on parts in case of warranty

a) During the warranty period, all parts determined by Centaur Cargo as being a material or manufacturing defect, shall be repaired or reimbursed at Centaur Cargo’s discretion. Costs for (dis)assembly are to be borne by the owner, if the owner is expected to be able to mount the part by himself/herself.
b) Notwithstanding the provisions in the previous paragraph, Centaur Cargo shall also bear the labor costs in case of material and/or manufacturing defects on frames and forks for two years after date of purchase.

Article 5 – Submitting a warranty claim

1) Warranty claims must be submitted to Centaur Cargo by email. The email should include the order number, frame number and a picture of the relevant part. Centaur Cargo will then be able to assess whether it is covered by the warranty.
2)  Centaur Cargo will either accept or reject the claim within a reasonable time frame. Should it not be reasonably possible for Centaur Cargo to assess the defect without having seen the cargo bike in person, an appropriate solution will be found in consultation with the owner.
3)  Before sending a replacement item, Centaur Cargo may request the item in question to be sent to Centaur Cargo for assessment. Based on that assessment, Centaur Cargo may decide that the item is not covered by the warranty and may not send a replacement item.
4)  Transport costs for the Centaur Cargo bike and/or parts to and from Centaur Cargo shall be borne by the owner, unless the relevant part is covered by the warranty.
5)  If a certain part is covered by the warranty and the original is no longer available, Centaur Cargo will suggest an alternative that is at least equivalent.

Article 6 – Liability

A warranty claim honored by Centaur Cargo does not automatically mean that Centaur Cargo also accepts liability for any loss or damage sustained. Centaur Cargo’s liability will never extend beyond what is defined in these warranty conditions and/or Centaur Cargo’s applicable general terms and conditions.

Cargo bike service

Maintenance determines the lifespan of every bike, including your cargo bike. Perform a first inspection after 100 km or within 10-12 weeks after purchase of your cargo bike to keep the warranty active. Maintenance can be carried out by a qualified bicycle mechanic. Keep the receipts of the bicycle as evidence of the maintenance carried out. The costs are not reimbursed.

Maintenance tip

Do not spray the cargo bike with a high-pressure sprayer. A too strong water jet can damage the electronics in the electrical parts. In addition, you spray the grease out of the bearings and moisture enters the frame. The warranty expires in such cases. Protect the Centaur Cargo bike against the frost. Do not use the parking brake if the cargo bike is outside for a longer period of time, there is a risk that it will freeze.

Centaur Cargo reserves the right to modify this limited warranty at any time, in its sole discretion.

Kiffy Warranty Policy

The warranty is valid from the date of receipt of the products and its duration corresponds to that given by the manufacturer. To be able to benefit from the product warranty, you must keep the purchase invoice of the product. You can contact Kiffy at in order to expose noted defects or damages, agree on under the terms of implementation of the warranty. An answer will be given to you the latest within 72 hours. In any case, you cannot return products without having a prior agreement with the manufacturer. The return of products to the workshops is the responsibility of the customer. The return of the repaired or exchanged product to the customer is the responsibility of Easy Design Technology.

Seatylock Warranty Policy

Quality & sustainability: of Seatylock products are paramount importance . The same goes for the safety and well-being of our customers.

Product warranty duration: Seatylock provides a 6-month product warranty for all our products, beginning from the date of purchase by the original user. Product warranty will be extended to a period of 2 years, free of charge, when you register your key on the website.

How to apply your extended 2-year product warranty: In order to apply your 2-year product warranty you must register your key here.

How to utilize your product warranty: In case your product is defective and you choose to utilize your warranty, please contact us. Proof of purchase will be required in order to make use of your product warranty.

What does our product warranty apply to: Seatylock extends a product warranty against defects in material and workmanship to all its products. Please note that product warranty does not apply to events of theft.

What will Seatylock do: Upon return of a defective product, Seatylock will work to repair or replace your product.

Seatylock reserves the right to modify this limited warranty at any time, in its sole discretion.

If you have any additional questions about your bike, the bike warranty policy or local service locations, don’t hesitate to contact us.

For more information about service & warranty click here. To read our bike maintenance tips and recommendations click here.