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The arrow-like silhouette of a diving hawk graces the frame of the Coboc One Berlin and serves as the inspiration for the bike’s utterly nimble and impeccable handling.

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Untamed buoyancy

The actor Jurgen Vogel, a devoted Berliner and early enthusiast of Coboc bikes, helped inspire our first colorful model. The arrow-like silhouette of a diving hawk graces the frame and serves as the inspiration for the bike’s utterly nimble and impeccable handling. Coboc ONE Berlin is a symbiosis of technology, design, and the buoyancy of nature.

Coboc App 2

The ONE Berlin, one out of two new ONE models in 2018, is limited to 50 units and developed in collaboration with German actor Jürgen Vogel, wears new colors. Inspired by the actor’s last name, which means “bird” in German, and the lightning-fast qualities of the city’s kestrels, the Heidelberg company has translated the falcon’s arrow-like silhouette into an e-bike frame design.

Coboc ONE Berlin
COLOURfalcon blue, yellow accents, metallic-glossy
FORKcarbon, straight design
SIZESL: 62,0 cm, from 186 cm body height
M: 58,0 cm, 173 cm up to 186 cm body height
S: 54,0 cm, 173 cm body height
BATTERYli-Ion, 36V, 352 Wh
RANGE80 km / 50 miles
ELECTRIC DRIVE250 W / 500 W peak
MECHANICAL DRIVEsingle speed chain 48-17T
BRAKESTRP Slate X2, 160 mm
TIRESSchwalbe Kojak 622-35
PEDALSaluminium CNC, black
WEIGHT14,4 kg

Frame Geometry

Coboc One Berlin Frame Geometry
Coboc E-Drive
  • Bluetooth smartphone connection
  • User interface; power button, LED-display, light control and magnetic charging connector
  • Internal wiring; data bus, charging cables and power supply lights
  • Coboc Corepack; state-of-the-art Li-ion technology with high energy density, 36V, 352Wh, shock-absorbing and integrated construction
  • Rear hub motor; 250W rated power up to 500W peak power
  • Motor cable and waterproof connector
  • Coboc controller; power electronics with efficient motor control unit, central and intelligent sensor signal analysis and battery management
  • Torque sensor, cadence and pedal force measurements
Coboc E-Drive
Smart connectivity throughout the Coboc fleet

For the coming season, Coboc has loaded up in terms of connectivity. The Coboc app for iOS and Android, which was created in collaboration with the software developer COMODULE, turns all the Coboc models into fully connected smartbikes. The bike connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth, making the phone an on-board computer. In addition to adjusting the standard settings, the Coboc app can also be used to fine-tune the responsiveness of the electric assist and the motor output. This allows cyclists to individually configure the overall ride dynamics to suit their own preferences.

The on-board computer display provides information on vehicle data like speed, distance covered, battery charge level, motor output, and much more. And it not only indicates the battery’s charge level, it also visualizes the current range on the map as a function of the surrounding topography. Under the “Activity feed” menu option, it’s possible to store the trips taken, including altitude profiles and ride data, and if desired, share it with the community. Naturally, the app has a full- featured sat-nav, and on models in the SEVEN series it can be used after dark to control the rear light that’s elegantly integrated into the seat tube.

If you’re looking for a minimalist design with superior “Made in Germany” e-bike technology, you’re on the right urban racetrack with Coboc, and you can look forward to cycling fun and well-designed comfort in their purest form.

Additional information
Weight20 kg
Dimensions175 × 20 × 100 cm

L, M, S