Yuba Electric Kombi E5


The Yuba Electric Kombi E5 – Yuba’s top selling non-electric cargo bike has now been electrified. It is a compact longtail cargo bike, designed for flat terrain, that is nimble, snappy and able to handle big cargo loads.

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Yuba Electric Kombi E5

The Yuba Electric Kombi E5 – Yuba’s top selling non-electric cargo bike has now been electrified. Ever since the launch of the Kombi compact cargo bike in early 2020, requests for an electric version have been overwhelming. So the frame and components have been redesigned to make a Shimano mid-motor equipped E-cargo-bike, that delivers comfortable, effortless fun for pilot and passengers alike — all at a very competitive price-point.

The Kombi E5, a “compact” longtail cargo bike — designed principally for flat terrain riding — that is nimble, snappy and able to handle big cargo loads. A suite of components from Shimano were chosen, the best known brand in cycling: powered by Shimano’s lightest E-bike system: the Steps E5000 motor and its 418 kWh battery. Key to riding safety is powerful braking, and the Shimano Alivio hydraulic disc brakes will inspire confidence in all conditions.

Yuba Electric Kombi Lifestyle 6

What a Kombination! The heart of this high-tech bike is the in-house designed Chromoly frame with Yuba’s proven Stay Steady Technology, that is stable, sturdy and built to last. You’ll likely be riding it more than you use your car – and doing your part for a cleaner, healthier planet! Load it up with 200 kg (440lbs), personalize your ride with a great range of add-ons for hauling the kids, or gear, or for the daily ride to work – then surprise everyone by Parking it vertically to save space. You can cut corners on a ride because Yuba didn’t cut any corners in design. Read more about Yuba.

  • Sturdy, Stay-Steady Chromoly steel frame for stability, comfort & reliability
  • Shimano Steps E5000 motor & 418 Wh battery
  • Shimano RD M2000 derailleur & 9-Speed 11-36 Cassette
  • Shimano Alivio hydraulic disc brakes
  • Maxxis Hookwrom Tires 24 x 2.5 puncture-resistant
  • Double kickstand
  • Battery-powered lights
  • Front fender + rear wheelskirt
  • Deflopilator
  • 2 year limited warranty

Yuba Electric Kombi E5

FRAMEKombi 24”Cr-Mo w/ disc tabs
FORKKombi Cr-Mo 1-1/8” threadless w/disc tabs
HEADSETSemi-cartridge, 1-1/8" threadless
STEM1-1/8” Adjustable stem
HANDLEBARS31.8 mm City
GRIPSVelo Ergo
SEATPOST31.6 mm aluminum 400 mm
LEVERSShimano Alivio
BRAKEShimano Alivio
ROTORShimano (180 mm front | 180 mm rear)
MOTOR SYSTEMShimano Steps E5000 250W w/36V 418Wh battery
SHIFT LEVERSShimano Altus SGS 9-speed trigger shifter
CASSETTEShimano 11-36T 9-speed
CRANKSETShimano FC-E5010 170 mm
PEDALSVP-501 alloy
RIMAlloy double wall (36H front | 36H rear)
HUBSAlloy (36H front | 36H rear)
TIRESMaxxis Hookworm 24” x2.5”
INCLUDEDbell, deflopilator, fenders, front / rear LED lights, stand together
OPTIONAL2-Go, baguette, boda peg, bread basket, hold-ons,
Kombi sideboards, Kombi deck, mini soft spot, pin lock, pop top, soft spot, Yepp Nexxt
WEIGHT22 kg / 50 lbs.
BIKE LENGTH186 cm / 6’1”
REAR PAYLOAD200 kg / 440 lbs.

Frame Geometry

One Size
1Top Tube620 mm
2Seat Tube420 mm
3Head Angle71º
4Seat Tube Angle71º
5Chainstay568 mm
6Bottom Bracket Drop17 mm
7Head Tube175 mm
8Fork Rake (offset)55 mm
9Wheelbase1240 mm
10Bike Length1910 mm
11Top Rack Total Length785 mm
12Effective Top Rack600 mm
13Color OptionsSilver, Orange
14Min Rider Height152 cm / 5’0″
15Max Rider Height198 cm / 6’6″

Suitable with Yuba Electric Kombi E5

Yuba Adjustable Monkey Bars

Safely carry two to three kids, the Monkey Bars offer multiple options for holding on. Thanks to the new design, you also have the opportunity to adjust the bar length to the rack of your Yuba bike.

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Yuba Bamboo Boards Kombi

The Bamboo Boards serve your passengers as a comfortable footrest and are made of a chic bamboo material and have been developed for the Yuba Kombi. They can be mounted and removed at any time without any tools via a click and lock system.

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Yuba Mini Soft Spot

The perfect one passenger padded seat on any of the Yuba cargo bikes. Pair two Mini Soft Spots to fully cover the whole rear rack of the Sweet- and Spicy Curry, the Boda Boda or the Kombi.

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Yuba Stand Together Kickstand

The Stand Together Kickstand offers a large, stable base for loading up all kinds of precious and traditional cargo. This kickstand is all inclusive; happily mounting to all the rear loading cargo bikes.

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Yuba Bread Basket Quick Release

Take off your cargo quickly. New quick release skewers for mounting the bread basket to your Yuba bike. Now install or uninstall your basket with the turn of a quick release.

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Yuba Baguette Bag

The Yuba Baguette Bag was designed to be; weatherproof, sturdy and light, to make your bike better-looking and a more practical cargo carrier. Made with a roll-top, waterproof closure system, combined with sealed seams and water-resistant zippers this bag will protect your cargo no matter the conditions.

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Yuba Pop Top Cover

The Yuba Pop Top Cover serves for super protection on all longtail bikes. Shield your cargo from rain, snow and winds to keep you on two wheels all year long. Not only will your Yuba bike stay dry, but your little ones will also be protected from the elements.

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Yuba Bread Basket

The Bread Basket takes the idea of bike basket to a whole new level and lets you carry up to 23 kg (50 lbs). Attaches directly to the frame of the Sweet- and Spicy Curry, the Boda Boda and the Kombi.

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Yuba Frame Lock

The integrated Yuba frame lock is a simple and practical way to secure your Yuba bike. When it is time to lock your bike, insert the pin lock through the wheels.

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Yuba Foot Pegs Boda Boda & Kombi

Yuba Foot Pegs Boda Boda & Kombi are the perfect resting place for children’s’ feet aboard the Boda Boda and Kombi bikes. Mounts securely to the side of the frame with the turn of a screw.

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Yepp Nexxt Maxi Seat

The Yepp Nexxt Maxi Seat is a lightweight and safe rear-rack-mounted child bike seat with a contemporary design, providing premium comfort for your child.


Yuba Ring

Use the Yuba Ring and give your passengers something stylish and safe to hold on to. Compatible with most Yuba bikes. It is made of aluminum and is easy install.

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Yuba Bread Basket Cover Kit

The Bread Basket Cover Kit keeps your cargo safe and dry in the front Bread Basket. It kit contains a sturdy mesh net to secure cargo when riding and a bright-yellow rain cover to keep your goods dry on rainy rides.

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Yuba Soft Spot

The Yuba Soft Spot offers passengers a comfortable padded seat that’s easily installed on the rear rack of the Sweet- and the Spicy Curry, the Boda Boda and the Kombi.

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Yuba Hold on Bars

The Yuba Hold On Bars gives your passengers something to hold on to, a strong and steady handlebar that will help them be safe and secure while perched atop the bike’s platform. The Hold-On is simple and quick to install.

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Silver, Orange



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