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At Bikelix, customer satisfaction is a crucial part of how we do business. We understand that buying bikes and accessories online without seeing the individual product in-person can feel like a leap of faith – that’s why it’s our promise that purchasing from Bikelix will always be an easy, straightforward process, and that post-purchase we will continue to make sure you’re happy with your bike.

We are an international e-tailer with permanent headquarters in Sweden. Our European focus helps us to better serve our clients across all of Europe, and to develop relations with the best manufacturers the continent has to offer.

We are a small, energetic team and we constantly push our limits to create great value for our clients and to protect the environment. It’s our goal to offer you an efficient, seamless and inspiring bike and accessories buying experience from start to finish, while providing you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing we only source bikes and accessories from manufactures who employ sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical practices.

Because we know that ordering and paying for your bike online is an important undertaking and that it requires absolute trust, all our policies reflect our commitment to the highest standards and fair conduct.

Got questions?

There are many ways to contact Bikelix. We are available via email, live chat, phone and WhatsApp for all your inquiries. Whether you’re not sure which bike to order, or you have a question about the best way to care for your bike, we’re always here to help.

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    Västra Hamnens Cyklar: 55.612600, 12.979900
    BienVélo : 55.599600, 12.998700
    Ågrens Cykel: 55.722800, 13.183100
    Roadbiker AT: 48.215600, 16.385900
    Citybiker AT: 48.216038, 16.378984
    Mountainbiker AT: 48.228929, 16.350269
    Elektrobiker: 48.201700, 16.348800
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    Västra Hamnens Cyklar
    Bomgatan 12, 211 76 Malmö, Sweden
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    Davidshallstorg 1, 211 45 Malmö, Sweden
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    Ågrens Cykel
    Kävlingevägen 1, 222 40 Lund, Sweden
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    Roadbiker AT
    Praterstraße 29, 1020 Wien, Austria
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    Citybiker AT
    Lerchenfelder Str. 13, 1070 Wien, Austria
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    Mountainbiker AT
    Stadtbahnbögen 145/150, 1090 Wien, Austria
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    Westbahnstraße 26 Wien, Austria