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Award-winning premium cargo bikes

An award-winning brand, created by a multi-talented engineering team, Yuba bikes are powered by Bosch systems, offering unparalleled performance, stability and lightweight design.

Traditional, electric or upgradeable

Whatever your preference, Yuba has you covered. Choose from an array of ready-made bikes, or simply request to have your traditional Yuba cargo bike converted to an eBike! It’s that simple.

Yuba bikes are cargo bikes for everyone

With models that range from electric, compact and full-size, through to the front-load, Yuba’s targeted bike designs meet all your cycling needs.

Add-ons for an even better experience

Customize your bike with the right accessories and optional add-ons to reflect your style and make your ride even more enjoyable.

Features, Benefits, Details

What you can expect from your Yuba cargo bike

Your lightweight, high-quality cargo bike will be just as easy to ride as a conventional bike, and just as narrow in terms of build. It’ll take a super short time to get familiar with.

Your Yuba cargo bike can:

  • carry loads up to 200 kg
  • accommodate up to three children
  • be used as a shopping cart, school bus and leisure bike
  • be equipped with footrests, handholds, seat cushions, bags, baskets, child seats, tensioning straps and more, to make your ride even more personalized and enjoyable
  • last for years and years with just a bit of care

About the company

Named after a beautiful California river, the company was founded in 2007 by Benjamin Sarrazin, a French cyclist and adventurist from Strasbourg who’s lived and traveled around the world from a young age.

The core Yuba team is powered by 6 talented individuals, each a pro in his or her field. They pride themselves for their solid, constant approach to quality and style, making sure to offer stable, long-term and sustainable range of products and product lines, with no seasonal products or short-lived editions.

With operations and sales in many international locations, from France and Germany to Singapore, New Zealand and Uruguay, the brand has become globally recognized for its sturdy and stylish product offerings, creating a loyal following of customers in such a short time.