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The world’s 1st self-charging e-bike

With its groundbreaking formula 1-inspired KERS technology (kinetic energy recovery system) that absorbs surplus energy created when braking or riding downhill VELLO bikes also offer superior performance.

Multiple award-winning design

The list is long – the Red Dot Award “Best of the best” (2015), the European Product Design Award (2017), the Good Design Award (2017), and the Austrian National Prize in Design (2019) to mention a few.

Ultra-light, ultra-high performance

Potentially infinite cruising range offered in an incredibly minimalist 9.9 kg for non-electric and 12.9 kg for electric weight design, the bikes are equipped with a revolutionary electric drive.

VELLO folds in just five seconds

Folds down to suitcase size in seconds – carry the bicycle into public transportation, load it in the car, take it on an airplane, or fold for storage in the apartment or office.

Features, Benefits, Details

What you can expect from your bike

A life-changing addition to your daily routine and a reliable friend who’s always with you whether you’re out in the country or taking the metro in the city. Your VELLO bike:

  • is compact and agile with 20-inch wheels
  • comes with built-in theft protection design
  • has a 160-Wh battery that lasts ~50 km (31 miles) in full-power mode
  • offers a patented folding mechanism
  • comes in models made for a variety of riding styles


Off to a great start, the idea was conceptualized and turned into a successful reality by veteran entrepreneurs Valentin Vodev and Valerie Wolff, who raised over USD 1 million in 2017 through the Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding platforms. Many design awards and accomplishments later, today VELLO is a full-fledged bike manufacturing company.

VELLO’s brilliance lies in borrowing an effective technology from the car industry, specifically from Formula 1 racing, and transforming a familiar object – bikes – into an innovation that changes lives.

Based in Vienna, VELLO embodies everything that’s uniquely wonderful about the city – elegance, style, mobility, reliability, and a great lifestyle.