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When details make all the difference

Desiknio has invested hundreds of hours in design and engineering, all focused on those small details that make a gigantic difference. The result is a perfect combination of superior technologies and designs.

Made with the best bike parts in the world

Shimano hydraulic brakes with Shimano front and rear rotors, genuine leather or deluxe fabric grips and saddle, a long-life Panasonic battery, combined with custom, hand-built wheels and tubes.

Smart, compact and high-powered

All models – Classic, Urban, and the Pinion versions – are smartly made to give you the ultimate eBike control, a maximum range of more than 100kms, an extremely lightweight build, and access to your own bike app.

Simplicity taken to the next level

Understated wheels and tubes, and a completely invisible, integrated battery, for a clean, modest, and discreetly sophisticated look for the minimalist urban cyclist. Makes a statement without any excess.

Features, Benefits, Details

What you can expect from your bike

Finest bike parts combined with the most-up-to-date technology for a seamless urban riding experience. Your Desiknio electric bike will offer a quiet and beautifully classic look that’s spirited and powerfully present at the same time. Your Desiknio ebike:

  • frame weldings that are carefully hand-polished before paintwork
  • has a fully integrated battery
  • comes with custom-shaped handmade tubes, and hand-built wheels
  • includes CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milled parts and a powerful rear hub motor
  • has a smart and compact eBike control button that changes color to show current assist level, battery level, Bluetooth® connection and warnings


All Desiknio bikes are designed and manufactured in Spain. The team strives to offer quality urban electric bikes that are made with carefully handmade parts and the best ready-made components in the world. A relatively new company, Desiknio already offers a wide range of colors, matte and shiny, and a small but completely satisfactory range of eBikes.

At the end of 2016, the company joined forces with Ebikemotion® to bring their new prototypes to life. Thanks to this project, all new models are super lightweight, and equipped with battery, motor, motor controller, control unit and more. Desiknio eBikes meet and conform to the European automotive industry quality standards.

Today, the company prides itself for having created a superior system integration with invisible battery and eBike control units.