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All French, all the time

From its unique French design to its manufacturing and assembly, the Kiffy cargo bikes are all French in every way. Made in Saint-Etienne, each bike and e-bike is carefully handcrafted by local welders and craftsmen.

Award-winning design and technology

A design concept so cool it won the famous Etoile du Design 2016 by L’observeur du Design. Its impressive stability is proven by its Swing System patent, registered by Easy Design Technology.

A solid build with endless value

With Kiffy’s strong two-wheeled front axle or the two wheel long tail rear bike you can ride with confidence, comfort, and ease. Whatever the road conditions, weather or your daily itinerary, Kiffy’s solid superior build won’t let you down.

Kiffy accessories for a variety of applications

From a heavy-duty front plate to a versatile wire basket, multi-functional front bag, weather protection gear, baby seat, transport cushion and footrest the different add-ons give you everything needed to make your ride even smoother.

Features, Benefits, Details

What you can expect from your cargo bike

Your Kiffy bike is conceptualized, designed, and successfully constructed to make your daily bike use easier and your life more efficient. You’ll thoroughly enjoy transporting around your kid, pet, possessions and/or small cargo. Your Kiffy cargo bike:

  • offers a customizable aluminum frame and a front plate
  • adapts to the road – sand, grass, asphalt, snow – thanks to its patented Swing System
  • offers a customisable aluminum frame and a front plate
  • adapts to the road – sand, grass, asphalt, snow – thanks to its patented Swing System
  • comes in versatile bike and e-bike options – the one-part Fix, the foldable Flash and the new Bosch powered Nova, Explorer and Capsule
  • is offered in models for families and professional cargo use
  • is fully made in France

Kiffy Bikes

The dream began in 2010. A multidisciplinary team of people who shared a strong, unbreakable passion for bikes came together and worked to conceptualize the first KIFFY. The goal was to give priority to the bike’s design, followed by technical specifications next.

After five years of creating different designs and prototypes, executing thorough testing and validation, the first KIFFY model was made possible. From initial design to manufacturing, all phases were undertaken locally in Saint Etienne, France, leading to the launch of Easy Design Technology, the parent company of KIFFY, in October 2015.

The story of KIFFY is so unique that it became a 200-page book, Quelle Mouche les Pique? The book presents a wonderful story of how an idea became an actual product while having a positive local social impact.