How your small businesses can benefit from cargo bikes

If you are a small business owner with operational challenges to get the right things to the right people at the right time, your business profitability is likely to depend on the success of your logistical initiatives. If moving from Point A to Point B is an important part of your or your employees’ day-to-day routine, finding the most efficient mobility solution will produce significant time and cost savings for your business, as well as boost employee productivity and morale. Therefore you should consider looking into the connection between small businesses & cargo bikes.

From large corporations such as DHL and UPS (who have shared their electric cargo bike experiences via YouTube videos) to more and more small businesses, many groups are now turning to cargo bikes as an effective transportation and delivery option.

There are various practical, commercial and social reasons for companies to choose to do so.

Why switch from delivery vans?

Congested towns and cities don’t make it easy for vans and other motor vehicles to navigate traffic jams or find parking fast. There’s no special, separate lane for such vehicles, and there’s also the stress of dealing with traffic and looking for parking for extended periods of time. In such crowded settings, cargo bikes can reach target destinations sooner than motorized vehicles and make more stops per hour, thanks to bike lanes, ease of parking, and agile mobility.

What about the load size?

Small business cargo bikes can carry a variety of load types: fresh food, drinks, pantry needs, flowers, household items, small or medium-sized appliances, mail etc. Each cargo bike is built differently, but the majority are capable of carrying up to a whopping 200 kilograms. Some models are like “the SUV of cargo bikes” – they can deliver large and heavy items in one go.

With easy-moving urban mobility and the ability to transport relatively large loads, your deliveries will become fast and efficient, saving you time and money.

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Are cargo bikes adaptable to any small business?

Yes. You can order any combination of add-ons and accessories to create your custom cargo bike, or as a small business you can have your own branded boxes or bins on the bikes (at Bikelix, we help you get this done).

The larger impact

Small business cargo bikes help protect the environment and improve our collective city living. With near-zero emissions and a fun riding experience, they are good for both the rider and everyone else in the vicinity. Government and policy groups now understand that such benefits can be truly powerful for economies and the people. In fact, cargo delivery bikes have become such a big trend on the European continent that the EU recently funded a project called Cycle Logistics to represent the evolving needs of cycle logistics companies.

When you make green solutions an important part of your business, not only will you be making an Eco-friendly contribution to our planet, but you’ll also be earning your customers’ trust (as more and more people are making mindful, pro-environment choices in their daily lives).

Whether you’re a one-person powerhouse in need of a single cargo bike, or a small business owner in need of a fleet, we’ll be happy to help you find your perfect bike.