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Change your lock, change your life

Offering the latest and the most innovative series of folding locks today, the original idea behind Seatylock was to have a lock that offered the best of all worlds, at the same time – high security, classy elegance, and plenty of comfort.

Designed and developed by a bike tech startup, Seatylock is a state-of-the-art, never-before-seen bike lock that’s sure to change the way urban cyclists secure their bikes. With great attention to detail and a penchant for user-friendliness, the team has put to use their collective knowledge, skills, and resources to create a series of locks that combines sturdy military-grade materials with high-end design principles. The result is peace of mind, ease of use and long-term durability.

Here are two Seatylock products that are completely worth investing in.


Taking its name from the brand name itself, Seatylock is a bicycle seat and a one-meter-long lock in one! An exceptional configuration, strong materials, and a flexible build. Comes in many sizes and colors to allow you to find the perfect fit for you and your bike.

  •    High security
  •    Saves you the hassle of carrying your saddle and prevents saddle theft
  •    No more forgetting to take your lock
  •    Intuitive design
  •    Takes less than 10 seconds to lock/unlock

Watch the short video to see it for yourself!


Combining the concepts of the chain lock and the U-lock, the new Foldylock is made of steel links that are connected by steel rivets. Folds into a small mountable case for easy storage and transport. Comes in two models: Compact and Classic.

  •    Unique configuration
  •    Sleek look and feel
  •    Great usability and high security
  •    Flexible and tough build
  •    Extreme foldability

Watch the short video to see it for yourself!


Funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014, Seatylock is a startup created by four friends in New York – a manufacturer, a product designer, a lawyer and an MBA grad. Driven by their love of urban cycling and a concern about bicycle and saddle theft in the city, they combined their skills to create a comfortable, ergonomic bicycle seat that turned into a super sturdy one-meter-long lock. The team continues to work on alternative, new lock designs, as they believe many of the innovative locks on the market aren’t innovative or strong enough.